2018 Spring Newsletter


Saturday June 9th 11:00am, 1:30pm, 4:00pm, 6:30pm &

Sunday June 10th 11:00am, 1:30pm, 4:00pm, 6:30pm

The shows have no intermission and are approximately each one hour in length.

at the Woodside Performing Arts Center, Churchill Ave. (cross street Woodside Road, Woodside)



All students should be backstage in the dressing room with the parent in charge of the group 30 minutes before the start of the show. Do not wear your costumes to the theatre, please change in your assigned dressing room. After leaving your child backstage, please return to the theatre to enjoy the show. Their teacher will meet them backstage with the chaperone and escort the children on and off the stage. The chaperone will stay with the children and watch them perform in the wings. After their dance, the parent in charge will escort them to the dressing rooms for parent pick up. Please pick up your child when they are done dancing, not at the end of the show. After you have picked up your child, take them back into the theatre so that they may enjoy the other dances. Dancers will need a ticket to sit in the theatre,unless they wish to sit on their parents lap, at no charge. Students in more than one number stay backstage to prepare for their next dance. They will need their parent with them backstage at this time; the parent will take them to the next group parent. A mother in charge of a group is not responsible to deliver a student to their next dance.


will be distributed in class commencing Monday April 30th.


will be in each class the week prior to performances (Saturday June 2nd through Friday June 8th). No theatre dress rehearsal.


will be posted at all Studios in May. Each class performs in one show on one day but advanced students are in multiple shows. Please check spelling of your dancers name in the program posted at the studios in May.




Adults $25.00 – Child/Senior $15.00

Children are 12 and under and Seniors are 62 and above. Young children sitting on lap do not need a ticket.

  • Tickets will go on sale Saturday, May 5th 9:00am-1:00pm (CASH OR CHECK ONLY) at the Main Studio, back parking lot.
  • Tickets will also be on sale in the office starting May 7th (CASH, CHECK or CC).
  • If you do not wish to wait in line, order forms will be available to pick-up in the office from April 23rd onwards. Forms should be returned to the office with payment (CASH or CHECK only). On Saturday May 5th at 2:00pm, the best seats available will be attributed based on the order the forms were received.

No refunds. Tickets can be exchanged for different shows, pending availability. Please make sure you purchase tickets for the correct show your child will be dancing in.

Tickets will be sold at the door before performance times, if still available. Please note that in the past some of the shows have sold out.


  • NO eating or gum chewing in your costume.
  • NO jewelry on stage, please leave it at home as we are not responsible for watching purses and valuables.
  • NO underpants under costumes
  • Hair should be neat and styled according to the teachers directions.
  • Light make up, lipstick and blush may be used by the dancers. No nail polish.
  • Check with the teacher about your attire; tights, socks, etc.


Sign-up for awards will be in the office, or you may email Karina. Please indicate which show you will be receiving your award by May 12th. Not having your name called on stage can be very disappointing. If you are to receive an award, please come backstage toward the end of your show.

DVDs – The shows will be professionally taped by Visconti Productions. Copies will be available for purchase. Order forms will be available in the office and at the theatre. DVDs may be ordered through the Sunday shows (CASH or CHECK only).



  • Theatre doors open 1/2 hour prior to each show.
  • The shows start ON TIME and we ask that the audience be in their seats before the show begins.
  • NO strollers are allowed in the theatre at any time. Please park them in the lobby.
  • NO eating or gum chewing in the theatre
  • When entering and exiting the theatre to pick up your child, you MUST go in and out only through the rear doors. Do not use the side doors.
  • Please go in and out only between dances, as it is distracting to the dancers and disturbing to the audience.
  • No videotaping
  • Flash Photography is not allowed in the theatre. It is a hazard and a distraction to the dancers. You may use a camera with a no-flash mode only

STUDIO PHOTOS (optional)

Individual students photos in costumes will be taken on May 19th and 20th and June 2nd and 3rd by  “Nancy Mueller Photography”. Photos will take place in Bohannon studios at 3925 Bohannon drive, Menlo Park. Please sign up in the MPAD office or contact the office to reserve an appointment.

  • Sat. May 19th, 1:30-5:30pm
  • Sun. May 20th,  9:00am-5:30pm
  • Sat. June 2nd, 1:30-5:30pm
  • Sun. June 3rd, 9:00am-5:30pm

Class photos taken during dress rehearsal week in regular class times, Saturday June 2nd through Friday June 8th levels three & below. Requests for a class photo for students levels four and above should be made via email to the MPAD office.


Volunteers are needed to act as ushers, box office, etc. A sign-up Genius invitation will be sent via email. Please sign up online if you can assist or send an email to [email protected].


Studio tote bags and flowers will be for sale in the lobby at the recital. Flowers can be pre-ordered and paid in the office. All flowers may be picked up on the day of each show in the lobby. The proceeds benefit the Competition Team Scholarship Fund. 

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SATURDAY JUNE 9th 11:00am

  •  Tuesday 4:00pm Ballet IV – Sarah
  • Tuesday 5:00pm Intermediate Lyrical – Amanda
  • Tuesday 6:00pm Intermediate Jazz – Amanda
  • Wednesday 4:00pm Ballet IV – Chantelle
  • Wednesday 5:00pm Ballet II – Chantelle
  • Wednesday 5:00pm Jazz IV – Lauren
  • Wednesday 7:30pm Advanced Foundation Pointe – Sarah
  • Thursday 4:00pm Boys Hip Hop – Jayvin
  • Thursday 5:00pm Hip Hop I & II – Jayvin
  • Thursday 5:00pm Advanced I Lyrical – Isabelle
  • Saturday 9:00am Pre Ballet 5 yrs. – Nicole Yip
  • Saturday 9:00am Pre Dance & Tap 3 yrs. – Leonor



SATURDAY JUNE 9th – 1:30pm

  • Monday 4:30pm Ballet II – Chantelle
  • Monday 5:30pm Ballet IV – Chantelle
  • Tuesday 9:30am Pre Dance & Tap 3 yrs. – Nicole Banta
  • Tuesday 10:30am Pre Ballet 4 yrs. – Nicole Banta (REVISED)
  • Tuesday 5:00pm Tap II – Dottie
  • Tuesday 7:30pm Advanced II Pointe – Sarah
  • Wednesday 4:00pm Beginning Hip Hop – Jayvin
  • Thursday 4:00pm Ballet IV – Hannah
  • Thursday 4:00pm Primary Ballet 6-7 yrs. – Isabelle
  • Thursday 5:00pm Intermediate I Ballet – Chantelle
  • Friday 4:00pm Intermediate I Contemporary – Michael
  • Friday 5:00pm Musical Theater 9-11 yrs. – Lauren
  • Saturday 12:30pm Lyrical IV – Vinnie



SATURDAY JUNE 9th – 4:00pm

  • Monday 4:00pm Beginning Tap I 6-9 yrs. – Dottie
  • Tuesday 4:00pm Jazz II – Amanda
  • Tuesday 7:00pm Intermediate/Advanced Lyrical – Patricia
  • Wednesday 3:30pm Tap & Jazz 5-6 yrs. – Liz
  • Wednesday 5:30pm Lyrical II – Liz
  • Wednesday 6:00pm Intermediate Teen Jazz – Lauren
  • Thursday 9:30am Pre Dance & Tap 3 yrs. – Nicole Banta
  • Thursday 10:30am Pre Dance & Tap 4 yrs. – Nicole Banta
  • Thursday 4:00pm Ballet II – Chantelle
  • Thursday 4:00pm Pre Ballet 5 yrs. – Nicole Yip
  • Thursday 5:00pm Intermediate II Ballet – Sarah
  • Thursday 6:00pm Beginning Teen Hip Hop – Jayvin
  • Thursday 7:00pm Intermediate Teen Lyrical – Isabelle
  • Saturday 11:00am Pre Ballet 5 yrs. – Leonor
  • Saturday 11:00am Advanced II Contemporary – Michael



SATURDAY JUNE 9th – 6:30pm

  • Monday 5:00pm Jazz V – Lauren
  • Monday 7:00pm Beginning Teen Lyrical – Lauren  
  • Monday 8:15pm Advanced Pointe – Michael
  • Tuesday 4:00pm Advanced Tap – Dottie
  • Tuesday 5:00pm Ballet V – Liz
  • Wednesday 6:00pm Intermediate/Advanced Teen Hip Hop – Jayvin
  • Wednesday 6:30pm Beginning Teen Jazz – Liz
  • Thursday 6:00pm Advanced II Lyrical – Isabelle
  • Friday 4:00pm Ballet II – Sarah
  • Friday 5:30pm Ballet V – Hannah
  • Saturday 10:00am Intermediate Ballet – Nicole Yip
  • Saturday 12:30pm Ballet II – Jenna



SUNDAY JUNE 10th – 11:00am

  • Monday 4:00pm Ballet I – Jenna (REVISED)
  • Tuesday 4:00pm Ballet I – Liz
  • Tuesday 4:00pm Ballet III – Sarah
  • Tuesday 7:00pm Advanced I Jazz  – Fabiana (REVISED)
  • Wednesday 6:00pm Adv. Foundation I Ballet – Chantelle
  • Thursday 4:00pm Ballet I – Sarah
  • Thursday 4:00pm Boys Hip Hop – Jayvin
  • Friday 2:30pm Pre Dance & Tap 3 yrs. – Hannah
  • Friday 5:00pm Intermediate II Contemporary – Michael  
  • Saturday 9:30am Primary Ballet 6-7 yrs. – Jenna
  • Saturday 10:00amPre Ballet 4 yrs. – Leonor
  • Saturday 10:30am Ballet III – Jenna



SUNDAY JUNE 10th – 1:30pm

  • Monday 3:00pm Pre Dance & Tap – 4 yrs. – Jenna
  • Monday 8:15pm Advanced Pointe – Michael
  • Wednesday 4:30pm Ballet I – Melissa
  • Wednesday 4:00pm Lyrical I – Lauren
  • Wednesday 4:30pm Jazz III – Liz
  • Wednesday 5:30pm Ballet III – Melissa
  • Thursday 3:00pm Pre Ballet 4 yrs. – Sarah
  • Thursday 5:00pm Ballet III – Nicole Yip
  • Friday 3:30pm Primary Ballet 6-7 yrs. – Hannah  
  • Saturday 9:30am Advanced Ballet – Peter
  • Saturday 11:30am Ballet I – Jenna
  • Saturday 12:00pmAdvanced I Contemporary – Michael



SUNDAY JUNE 10th – 4:00pm

  • Monday 3:30pm Pre Ballet 5 yrs. -Sarah  
  • Monday 3:30pm Primary Ballet 6-7 yrs. – Chantelle
  • Monday 4:30pm Intermediate Foundation I Ballet – Sarah
  • Monday 5:00pm Ballet III – Jenna
  • Monday 5:00pm Tap III – Dottie
  • Wednesday 3:30pm Pre Ballet 5 yrs. – Melissa
  • Wednesday 4:00pm Primary Ballet 6-7 yrs. – Sarah
  • Wednesday 7:00pm Advanced II Jazz – Lauren
  • Friday 3:00pm Pre Ballet 4 yrs. – Julie
  • Friday 4:30pm Beginning Jazz I 6-8 yrs. – Hannah
  • Saturday 11:00am Intermediate Ballet – Peter



SUNDAY JUNE 10th – 6:30pm

  • Monday 4:00pm Lyrical V – Lauren
  • Monday 6:00pm Tap IV & V – Dottie
  • Monday 6:00pm Intermediate/Advanced Jazz – Lauren
  • Wednesday 5:00pm Ballet V – Sarah
  • Wednesday 5:00pm Hip Hop III & IV – Jayvin
  • Thursday 5:00pm Ballet V – Hannah
  • Thursday 7:30pm Advanced I Ballet – Sarah
  • Friday 4:00pm Lyrical III – Lauren
  • Friday 5:00pm Musical Theater – Lauren
  • Saturday 9:30am Intermediate/Advanced Ballet – Michael
  • Saturday 11:00am Inter. Ballet – Peter


Menlowe Ballet Enlightens with ILLUME May 11-13, 2018

This riveting program features The Lady with the Lamp, choreographed by Artistic Director Michael Lowe and Associate Artistic Director Sarah-Jane Measor, Dennis Nahat’s Pas de Cinq from Swan Lake, and Donald McKayle’s Crossing the Rubicon: Passing the Point of No Return.

The world premiere of The Lady with the Lamp continues Menlowe’s commitment to honoring the spirit and accomplishments of women from history who have touched the world with courage. The ballet is a poignant tribute to the ground-breaking contributions of Florence Nightingale, a visionary who set the standard for modern medical care and revolutionized the nursing profession.

In this dazzling display of classical technique, an excerpt from Dennis Nahat’s brilliant full-length Swan Lake, Pas de Cinq showcases four princesses vying for the heart of Prince Siegfried.

Described as a work that touches the soul and pierces the heart, Crossing the Rubicon: Passing the Point of No Return, is inspired by the current plight of Syrian refugees. The ballet offers a visceral glimpse into the experience of displaced people grieving the loss of home and their journey towards an unknown destination.

Special pricing for MPAD families: $5 off each ticket when using discount code MPAD at checkout: www.menloweballet.org or by calling 800-595-4TIX (4849).


MPAD Summer Intensive for Intermediate and Advanced students will be June 11th through June 22nd, 2018. The Intensive offers elite instruction in classical ballet technique, pointe, variations, pas de deux, contemporary, jazz and African dance. Lectures and Q & A sessions covering a variety of dance-related topics will be offered. The program culminates in an on-stage performance that family and friends can attend on June 22nd.

MPAD JUNIOR INTENSIVE will take place June 25th-30th, 2018.

This intensive is for students who have completed Ballet III, IV & V. Classes are offered in a variety of dance genres with an emphasis on classical ballet, and run from 9am-4pm. The program culminates in a studio performance that family and friends can attend on June 30th.

Registration forms for both Summer Intensives are available online (Summer Intensive and Junior Intensive) and from the MPAD office.

MPAD SUMMER CLASSES July 9th to August 11th, 2018. Sign-up online. Please join us for another exciting summer for all your favorite classes. Additional workshop classes are offered in Mat Pilates, Acro, Classical Variations and Pas de Deux (registration in the MPAD office and see all the dates here).

Please contact the MPAD office if you have any questions.

Office hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5:30pm, Saturday 9am-1pm. 650-323-5292

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected] (Bohannon Studios)

All dates are listed on our calendar page at www.menloparkacademyofdance.com