Studio Guidelines for in person classes

The health and safety of our students, teachers and staff is of the utmost importance as we return to studio classes. Taking directives from the State of California and the County of San Mateo, we are implementing a series of protocols to be used and adhered to throughout our studio buildings. We have also taken into consideration suggested guidelines for re-opening from the Royal Academy of Dance, as well as consulting with Stanford Physicians within our MPAD community.


Classes will continue to be offered via Zoom for those students who are not yet comfortable being in the studio. Upon registration, please contact the MPAD office with your preference for “in person” or “Zoom” instruction. 


Upon Arrival

  • Temperature check with a no touch thermometer (same device as used by Stanford Pediatric Clinic). All faculty, staff and dancers entering the facility will receive a temperature check. The CDC considers a person to have a fever when he or she has a measured temperature of at least 100.4F (38 C). Anyone with a fever or showing signs of illness will be asked to return home.
  • Temperature check will be taken by staff wearing mask and gloves.
  • Brief verbal questionnaire posted. Answers and temperature of each student logged. 
  • Dancers should arrive dressed in their dance attire, carrying their dance shoes, and wearing a face covering. No-one will be allowed to enter the building without a mask.
  • After temperature check, dancers will line up observing six feet protocol using the floor signage and wait to be allowed into the building. 
  • Parents may not enter the buildings. However parents of very young students should remain in close vicinity in the event of your assistance. 
Studio 1Students will line up in the parking area observing social distancing and not be permitted to enter until the previous class have exited.
Studio 2

Students will line up in the parking area observing social distancing and not be permitted to enter until the previous class have exited.
Studio 3Students will line up in the parking area near the “emergency exit” observing social distancing and not permitted to enter until the previous class have excited.
Studio 5Students will line up and enter through the main door while previous class will exit through the back parking area.
Studio 6Students will line up and enter through the main door while previous class will exit through the front parking area.
  • The parking area outside our buildings will be reserved and marked with social distancing decals.
  • A student going from one class/building to another for a consecutive lesson will be required to line up and repeat the safety protocol.
  • Any faculty or staff member traveling from out-of-state will be required to take a COVID test.

Inside Facilities

  • Dressing rooms will be closed.
  • Viewing area will be closed. 
  • Drinking fountains will be closed. Dancers are advised to bring a water bottle already filled clearly marked with their name.
  • No food can be brought into or eaten within the facilities.
  • No lost & found will be kept.
  • Center bathroom stall will be closed in 1137 building to allow for proper social distancing.
  • No touch automatic hand sanitizers are located by the front door of each building.
  • Signage throughout the buildings for safe distancing protocol.

Inside the Studio

  • In person classes will be limited in size to allow dancers and faculty to remain six feet apart. Social distancing floor signage is clearly marked in each studio as well as markers on the barres for dancers to stand six feet apart. There are also marked areas in the studio for the instructor. 
  • Each studio has two doors, one of which is an outside door which will remain open throughout classes to increase air flow. Studio 1, 2 ,4 also have a window which will remain open to promote circulation.
  • Each studio has overhead and portable fans for increased air circulation.
  • Students and faculty are required to wear a mask. 
  • No street shoes allowed on the dance floors. Students will remove shoes before entering the studio and placed six feet apart from other students belongings in the lobby. Only water bottles may be brought into the studio. 
  • Because doors will remain open for increased air flow, it is advised that students do not bring any valuables or cell phones. MPAD cannot accept responsibility for lost or stolen personal property.
  • Ballet barres, door handles and other high touch surfaces will be disinfected after each class.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided in each studio.
  • Mat work is discontinued. Mats and props have been removed from the studios.


  • Increased daily cleaning.
  • Students, faculty & staff are asked to wash hands frequently with soap for at least 20 seconds.
  • Short interludes between classes to allow for safe entry and exit of the buildings.
  • Students must be picked up immediately at the end of class.
  • Children who have trouble breathing through a cloth/fabric mask during exertion when they get wet are advised to bring an extra mask. 
  • The studio will have a limited supply of blue surgical type masks for emergency use.

Contact Tracing

Parents are required to notify MPAD if your student develops symptoms or has themselves or a family member had direct exposure to COVID. This includes a member of the household having a positive or pending test of COVID. This will ensure that all contacts within the respective class can be notified for a 14 day hiatus to make sure everyone is healthy before returning.

  Parents are asked to review the STUDIO GUIDELINES with their student prior to taking In Person classes.   Thank you.